Our Beliefs

One of our early church songs says: “The Bible is our rule of faith and Christ alone is Lord.” 

This lyric still summarizes the core belief of Church of God people.


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Our Church History

The Rev. John R. Harris stepped off the train in Englewood, stuck his pocket knife in a post to hang his hat and began preaching about God's church.  A tent revival began on land owned by the late Bill Bloom that summer of 1927, in Englewood.  This revival was held for seven weeks in which 147 people made professions of faith and 125 people were baptized in the creek.

The first house of worship was built on a lot, which is now parallel to the Highway 411 and Sunset Avenue intersection in Englewood.  The first service in the building was Oct. 9, 1927. Rev. John R. Harris was the church's first pastor and remained pastor for 10 years.

Our first church building was a white building which was torn down when we moved to the brick building around 1967.  In 2002, we bought the Torbett farm on Highway 39 and moved to our new location in July 2003.  

The older generation always called our church "The John Harris Church."  

This helped distinguish us from the other Church of God in town.